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But, it wasn't until 1996 that I started writing my 
personal zine, Thought Bombs, which I've now written 
sixteen of. I've written several other sort of theme zines 
on racism and the prisons for conferences or 
presentations I gave, plus tons of essays. I've 
contributed and editted many, many zines and have 
worked with some very good writers, most of whom are 
prisoners. I've put together catalogs describing each 
zine in detail, put up a website and make a point to make 
all my zines free to prisoners. It's a very expensive, 
work-intensive, stressful as hell project! 

I've done all this with next to no help from anybody, 
zero grant money, several other activist projects, such as 
STAND (Shut This Airport Nightmare Down) amidst a 
very busy family life. For, I believe this system deserves 
nothing less than a full-blown commitment to rebellion! 
And this literary and activist project seems to be the best 
outlet for me, based on my abilities, circumstances and 
temperament. Plus, I see a crying need for this type of 
advocacy. It takes total concentration and dedication, 
but luckily I have motivation to burn and I don't have a 
lazy bone in my body. 

I've broken my distro into four main categories 1) 
anarchism 2) feminism 3) anti-racism/abolitionism & 4) 
prisoner zines. I would say over 1/2 of them are prisoner 

Let me show you some of them from each category. 

First and foremost is my own zine, Thought Bombs. 
These are wild collections of essays, rants, letters, 
poems, graphics and contact information. My son, 
Stanton, who is now twelve, draws all the cover art and 
usually a few pages inside each issue. My little guy, 
Stephen, who is six, has started to contribute his 

drawings, too. 

I melt the personal in with the political in these. They 
sort of chronicle my life and thinking as an activist and as 
a husband and father. 

7\tt&\pnu E\ays0Y\^, 

South Chicago ABC Zine Distro 

Greetings, folks! First, I'd like to explain what this is 
all about. An ABC - Anarchist Black Cross - is an 

anarchist-fueled prisoner support group. The first one 
was started in Russia during the revolution of 1905 to 
support anarchist prisoners held captive in the Tsar's 
dungeons. ABC's dot the country and the world, mostly 
throughout Europe, America and Canada. We also work 
in solidarity with non-anarchist political prisoners, 
politicized prisoners and social prisoners. Personally, I 
think all prisoners are political because the dass-based 
institution of incarceration is political. It's the 
punishment industry of U. S. - headquartered capitalism. 

Zines are self-published works without bar codes, 
slick covers, which aren't beholden to advertisers, 
mainstream publishers or distributors - the real zines! 
They are not subject to censorship of any kind, which is 
why the gulag mailroom censor trolls hate them so 
much! They are usually free or very cheap. They are 
what the samizdat press was to the Soviet Union, for the 
people of the extreme capitalism of the West, only much 
more so. They are a vitaUink of information about what 
is really going on in this world that the mainstream 
totally ignores. There are thousands and thousands of 
zines on any subject imaginable. But the best ones, In 
my opinion, are very political and revolutionary. Thomas 
Paine's Common Sense and Henry David Thoreau's Civil 
Disobedience were the zines of their day. 

A distro provides zines to people who want them, 
mostly through the mail, but also online. I deal in paper 
zines exclusively. Not everyone has computer access, in 
fact very few really do and almost zero prisoners do! You 
can't read an e-zine on the bus or at work! Here's a zine 
that lists hundreds of zine distributors throughout the 

My distro, South Chicago ABC Zine Distro now has 
about 225 different zines available and I'm adding new 
ones all the time. These are pointedly political, many of 
which I write myself, edit or otherwise contribute to. I 
sort of specialize in helping articulate prisoners conceive, 
format, edit, publish and distribute their work into zine 

Now. Why do I do this? Well, like the Beatles once 
said, "The world is a bad place, a bad place, a terrible 
place to live." For many many hundreds of millions of 
people this is absolutely true, in the immediate physical 
sense. For everybody else, it's terrible because we are 
being forced into a truncated, sinisterly motivated reality, 
whether it is anywhere near fully understood by us or 

Once I was able to overcome my own self-hatred and 
fear of Big Brother to a certain degree, I felt it was my 
responsibility as a citizen of this Earth to give forth my 
testimony, as I've made it a point to be extremely 
observant to political reality all during my lifetime. I was 
very fortunate to have a very conscious, political 
upbringing. Hopefully, as my writing and editting 
improves, these efforts will increasingly educate, 
motivate, empower and inspire people to attempt to 
attain their own self-realization and work for social 

Another practical reason to launch this distro is that 
prisons insist literature must be sent from the publisher 
for prisoners to receive them, so I became the publisher 
myself. And, I make it a point to provide literature by 
and for prisoners that they want, can use and share with 
their cohorts. Also, I was not satisfied with the level of 
rebellion being voiced by others and felt I could do 
better, because I also want to read something seriously 
powerful and well written, even if I must write it, myself! 
I never claimed to be a self-deprecating say nothing! I 
feel what I have to say is of extreme importance. 

Permit me to recite a couple of quotes about this 
society of ours. 

hundreds of these human warehouses all over this 

What an affront to life and living creatures! There is 
more dire U.S - orchestrated evil in this world, such as 
the massive infanticide being unleashed on the children 
of Iraq, for example. But as far as complex, 
systematized, daily, massive, governmental criminality, 
the U.S. gulag system is right up there. 

This is a class-based punishment industry, where 
everything evil about the system - racism, sexism, 
homophobia, xenophobia, torture, isolation, medical 
neglect and experimentation, forced obedience to fascist 
bureaucracy, ritual murder and all-around- injustice, 
predation and corruption, etc. etc. is magnified, yet 
hidden from the public eye. 

That is why I concentrate on getting the word out of 
there, because you're sure as hell not going to read 
about it in the mainstream rags. The government wants 
this information suppressed and every prison censors all 
incoming and some outgoing mail and often denies my 
publications entry, ala Hitler's Germany. Freedom of the 
press is a big fat lie! The U.S. Nazis make Hitler look like 
a Vienna choirboy! 

But, my distro isn't just about the prisons. I started 
writing about growing up in the racist south Chicago 
suburbs, the Vietnam War, the sexual suppression and 
sexism, the "generation gap," music, the Civil Rights 
Movement - all kinds of things. I wrote my first zine, 
Peoples' Polar Express in 1974, after dropping out of 
college and hitchhiking around the country for a couple of 
years, in the wake of Nixon's second not-too-secret 
invasion of Cambodia, when all the colleges and 
universities went out on strike. I just stayed on strike! 

$OLTfH CJ-flGfiQO 
M'G ZttfE V/SfJIO 

P.O.Box 731 Homewood, IL60U30 


And n - sad sacks watchin' this stuff, lead virtual lives of 
voyei ism because their real lives are atomized, 
compartmentalized daily treks of lifelong agony, where 
truth, beauty, honesty and hope are all a sick mockery. 
It's where people settle for one or usually more various 
addictions, such as gambling, porno, drugs, food, the 
idiot box, compulsive criminality or whatever, in a vain 
attempt to avoid dealing with the brutal realities of this 
world and their lives. 

To some people, that is just not good enough, but 
rather thoroughly and totally revolting! Boy, "some 
people!" eh? 

What are some of our other wonderful institutions? 
How about our military, which degrades and humiliates 
recruits into blind obedience. The School of Assassins 
teaches foreign thugs the fine art of torture and murder 
of th< citizens to keep their rich comfortable and U.S. 
corporations dominant. The massive, deadly U. S. 
hardware threatens the whole planet with any minute 
annihilation! A lot of these military men who've gone 
overseas and committed sanctioned by the U.S. 
go. ument - murder! - in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, El 
Salvador, Africa, Asia, South America, etc. come home 
and get jobs on police forces, corporations and prisons 
where they can get paid further for their institutional 
sadism. They're our "heroes!" 

The tax mar> takes 1/3 of what's left of a paycheck, 
after the employers have taken their do-nothing rip-off 
cut. The police selectively enforce the rich-lawyer written 
laws. The cesspool of the political system, the welfare 
agencies who snatch the children of those kidnapped for 
incarnation, the housing "authorities" with their 
corrui , rathole vertical prisons... all are very vile and 
cosmically and morally most unacceptable. 

But the worst of all the systems - at least 
domestically - is the judicial system, with its unsavory, 
although human-like lawyers, judges, prosecutors and 
prisonkrats and the massive system of decades-long 
caging and brutalizatlon of human beings. There are 

"What is the existence of the average man today? 
Almost all your time is given to earning your livelihood. 
You are so busy making a living that you hardly have 
time left to live, to enjoy life. Neither the time nor the 
money. You are lucky if you have some source of 
support, some job. Now and then comes slacktime: 
there is unemployment and thousands are thrown out of 
work, every year, in every country. 

That means no income, no wages. It results in worry 
and privation, in disease, desperation and suicide. It 
spells poverty and crime. To alleviate that poverty we 
build homes of charity, poorhouses, free hospitals, all of 
which you support with your taxes. To prevent crime 
and to punish criminals it is again you who have to 
support police, detectives, State forces, judges, lawyers, 
prison keepers. Can you imagine anything more 
senseless and impractical? The legislatures pass laws, 
the judges interpret them, the various officials execute 
them, the police track and arrest the criminal, and finally 
the prison warden gets him into custody. Numerous 
persons and institutions are busy keeping the jobless 
man from stealing and punish him if he tries to. Then he 
is provided with the means of existence, the lack of 
which has made him break the law in the first place... 

Crime is the result of economic conditions, of social 
inequality, of wrongs and evils of which government and 
monopoly are the parents. Government and law can only 
punish the criminal. They neither cure nor prevent 
crime. The only real cure for crime is to abolish its 
causes, and this the government can never do because it 
is there to preserve those very causes. " 

That as you probably recognize, is Alexander 
Berkman. See if you can guess who said this. 

"Government is not reason, it is not eloquence - it is 
force. " 

Johann Most or Enrico Malatesta perhaps? Try George 

Let's take a quick look around us at what is 
happening today. We've got two million prisoners in this 
country, many hundreds of thousands of which are in 
prison for possession of pot! The incarceration industry - 
the punishment industry - is a wildly profitable multi- 
headed hydra of profit-taking. It's raw capitalism whose 
product is human misery! Each inmate has a price tag 
on him or her, which explains why parole is no longer an 
option. It's modern day slavery, pure and simple! 

Our lives are controlled by coercive institutions, so 
seamlessly and completely that many don't even 
question or know it and if they do, think they are better 
off because of it - even people already in prison! Most 
people enjoy the comforts of their cage. v 

You have the miserable schools that teach kids how 
futile it is to think for themselves. All they feel 
comfortable caring about is the clothes and games they 
think they want! Reality is too frightening to deal with. 
Thankfully, growing numbers of them are beginning to 
realize that if they don't fight for their lives, they won't 
have one! As they get oldei>they must enter the 
seething workplaces with the danger, alienation, pollution 
and wage-slave subsistence. It's not a life but a lived 

On Sunday, you go to the churches to get a dose of 
shame and pious patriarchal pie-in-the-sky nonsense! 
I'm no Christian, but even Jesus Christ was a tortured, 
wrongly accused, deathrow inmate who was killed for his 
beliefs by the dominant government of his day. Rome 
then, The U.S. today! 

We do have our false culture based on buying, the 
malls, the endless cars and trucks, the canned scripted 
and laughed at shows, the violence glorying movies with 
all their phony sex. The mainstream media are basically 
forums for advertisers and think tank churned out pundit 
apologists for corporations, shameless, mainstream 
political wonks! They offer nothing new! The "news" is 
unanalyzed, superficial daily factoids! 

Then there's the nauceous corporate farms with their 
gene-altered frankenfoods and the profit-making horrors 
reserved for the animals who are bred in excruciating 
confinement, only to be murdered and butchered, 
stripped of their pelts and packaged to be eaten. But 
you can go to jail for "cruelty to animals!" Justice and 
morality worship at the alter of profit. 

The drug industry is another abomination, causing the 
deaths by experimentation of millions of animals to keep 
people zombified and "functional" in this sick society, 
with a hideous assortment of psychtropic drugs. Two 
million children are on ritalin - speed - to "calm" them! 
Some whose behavior is being controlled are as young as 
six months!! Yet you can go to prison for decades for 
smoking a joint! The Soviet Nurse Ratchet's had nothing 
on us! Who are the brain police??? 

The world itself is dying! Even mainstream ecologists 
give us what? Twenty years? You could drive a trillion 
Mack Trucks through the ozone hole! Earthquakes, 
famine, mudslides, forest fires, genocide, tidal waves, 
nuclear waste, global warming, species extinctions, the 
choking off of our lungs - the rain forests - and all the 
other forests... the plutoniumization of space - are all 
slowly accelerating! We can't just up and leave and 
move to Mars or the Moon because people are fragile and 
delicate and will die anywhere except a healthy Earth! 
Ah, but who cares? I've got tickets to a ballgame and 
those kids out in the streets deserve to be clubbed like 
baby harp seals by the Darth Vader goon squads for 
bringing up such unpleasantries! Right? How dare those 
"rioters" clamor for a future than celebrates and includes 

You know society is like a porno flick. You've got 
these hot babes ever eager to perform sex acts on men. 
What they don't show you is the fact that the whole thing 
is a degrading profit-making mafioso meat market, and 
the women came or were hustled up as lonely 18 year 
olds, overwhelmingly victims of lifelong sexual abuse!